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Landowner Benefits
In the Land of Midgard, there are a total of 123 lands with 100 lands offered for land ownership and 23 lands leased for public usage. Players will be able rent Public and/or Landowners' houses each time for a duration of 7 days.
Housing Systems
Enhance Your Land NFT Experience with Additional NPC,
Increase Your In-Game Benefits with NPC Service Buffs and
Get More Stamina
Unleash Your In-Game Potential with Extra Stamina from Receive a complimentary bed in the rental house to increase Landowner's stamina.
Collectingiconfrom renting
Able to rent their house to 1 player character and earn Adamantine Tokens. (Landowners will be able to upgrade their land to increase renter capacity in future patch)
Landowners will be able to upgrade
their land to increase renter
Get adamantine Tokens from renter